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Listening is a great opportunity to learn and grow yourself.

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

Sometimes giving advice when somebody shares is what is needed. But often by listening effectively offers the person the empowerment to resolve their own issues. For them to find their own voice and learn about themselves and what they need to do. This way it increases their self-confidence by not giving you the power, but you giving it to them.

By offering advice is not truly listening to the other person. It is listening to what they present and then listening to what you already know may or may not work for your. But you have this experience based on your own locus of evaluation, your own world of experiences that is unique to you. The other person is a different person and what they need to do will be different to yours.

By watching and listening to their solutions forming you give yourself an opportunity to expand your own world of understanding. You may learn a different way of resolving issues that you had never antic

ipated yourself because you only listen to your own voice.

As a therapist I have learnt so much about being human from my clients. They have helped me to resolve my issues by seeing how they have addressed theirs. They have enabled me to keep my mind open in order I never feel stuck in my own solutions. They have never told me what I should do, I have have chosen to really listen to them and take from them what I need.


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