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Head and shoulders image of woman therapist, Julie Raworth, Counselling Psychologist




Based in Berkshire, UK

Private Practiioner since 2011
Clinical Supervisor
BPS QCoP Coordinating supervisor

DCoP comittee member


Bsc(hons) Psychology
Msc/PGDip Counselling Psychology
Certified Clinical Trauma Professional level 2 

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How can I help?


Face to face



I offer a secure and safe place in which to explore and improve your mental health difficulties. 


As a Counselling Psychologist I draw on different theories to adapt and create a flexible approach to all of your individual mental health needs including....

Anxiety, Depression, Relationships, Stress, 

Life events, Loss, Illness  

Specialising in


Learning Difficulties

Attachment/ Personality/

Dissociative Disorders  

This site offers lots of information and advice on how to improve your mental health and help you decide if therapy is right for you at this time

What do I do now?

If you have come to this site then chances are you are seeking support either for yourself, a friend or family member.

Well done for taking this first step!


Please don’t panic!


We take things one step at a time and there is never any obligation to commit to therapy until you feel ready.

You have autonomy to leave, as much as you do to start, this process.

Follow these guidelines so we can work together to help find the best solutions to your problems. 

One Step at time

Find out more about my practice  and have a look around my website to see if you 'feel' I may be the right person for you.

Trust your instinct!

At no point are you obliged to continue working with me. It is important you feel you have control of this process and have the autonomy at any point to withdraw. Have a look at the therapy agreement to get an idea of how things will work.


Make contact with me in a way you feel most comfortable.

Some people want to remain somewhat anonymous through an email, some want to head straight into booking an assessment session and start talking then, others may just want a casual chat with me first to just get a feel of things. Contact me and we can take it from there.



When you feel ready we will arrange a time and date to do an initial assessment.

This may be longer than a normal session so that we can complete paperwork and gives us both the opportunity to understand what is going on for you. It also gives us both the chance to get to know each other and decide if it feels counselling is the right thing for you at this time.


Again at this stage there is no obligation to continue. You may feel it is not the right time for you yet. You may choose to meet a number of counsellors until you find the right match for you. This is ok as it is important for us that you get the right help for you when you are ready to embrace it.


We agree to work together We will have already established a regular day and time of the week for you to come for 50 minute sessions. I do not set a limit on how long we work together as this is not possible to measure.

Still unsure?

If you still have any questions do use the contact form or email 

Please have a read of the general therapy agreement to get further details about the process of counselling and more. 

To reach the rainbow you need to experience both the rain and sun

J Raworth

Therapy can be a terrifying prospect for many clients and rightly so. It is not an easy journey and the sunshine does not always come quickly. It may take you to places that are painful, dark, depressing, and despairing. It can seem grey and bleak for some of the time and feel as though your are going backwards not forwards. 


But if you can find the courage to face this darkness then there is hope that from it you will find a spectrum of colourful emotions, of joy, hope, happiness, laughter, sadness, guilt, anger, love, excitement, jealousy........a rainbow of emotions where the sun and the clouds can exist together in a place where life seems more prosperous and fulfilling.

What people say

What do people say?

I came to Julie 6 years ago, I was completely lost.  Julie helped me find myself again. She helped me over a huge hurdle in my life that I will be forever thankful for! Julie was able to help me learn how to deal with some extremely traumatic times of my childhood. I have become the woman I never thought I could be because of Julie’s help! Julie created a safe space for me to come and feel a little less anxious and a place for me to be myself. In the time I spent with Julie, I accomplished so many big achievements that once upon a time would of been a dream. I would recommend Julie to anyone that needed someone to talk too. She’s just amazing! Thank you so much again! 


Spectrum provided me with a safe space, where my voice was heard and I could talk freely without feeling judged.


Ethical practice

Being chartered by the BPS and HPC and as a member of the BACP I am bound by their ethical framework for good practice in Counselling Psychology and subject to the professional conduct procedure therein.

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I am BUPA registered along with other health insurance companies.

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