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July spiral Self.png


The internal self is the only place where we will find our true self in which we can heal and grow from.

Whilst it may not feel it the ‘self’ is a part of all humans that cannot be damaged but may be hidden and protected by parts of us.


This aligns with terms such as, Divine Self, Buddha, Tao, Godly self or Self-actualisation (R, Schwartz).

My spiral model Awareness complete.png
July spiral 2 Search for Self.png


We need to continually connect with Self in order to follow our own path.

Heading into the inner most part of the spiral  can represent either;


Succumbing helplessly into the depths of despair, losing sight of internal resources and feeling a void.




An intentional choice to seek within to access resources that will drive us positively forward and out again.

July spiral 3 Awareness.png


For anything to change we have  to become aware of what is truly going on within us

Awareness can come at many levels. There may be the habitual thoughts and behaviours that we are just not paying attention too.

There may be feelings we are denying ourselves.

there may also be subconscious and unconscious body and emotive experiences we are not conscious of but that may be driving certain behaviours and sensations, such as hidden trauma manifesting in chronic anxiety.


The first step to change anything is to become aware.

This may take peeling away layers and layers.


It also requires a developing resilience to work alongside it in order to go to more difficult areas of our unconscious.

July spiral 4 Resilience.png


A strong and continual connection with our sense of self grounds us and helps us be resilient in the face of adverse events and emotions.

To be strong can means to some to ignore feelings and problems and just get on with it. To some to be strong can mean to have a false sense of power to feel in control. If this is done by denying feelings then this can manifest in maladaptive ways of coping, particularly at times when one feels insecure. It can manifest into manipulative behaviours.


True strength comes when we allow ourselves to connect with our vulnerabilities. When we can see ourselves and our emotions for what they are we can learn to tolerate and hold them. This in turn creates resilience and thus true strength.

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