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Traditional therapy through modern technology

Online Counselling Therapy


Whilst already trained and experienced in providing online and telephone counselling I have completed the BACP refresher course in the light of having to revert to online therapy as a response to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Spectrum Online therapy provides a similar support to that of traditional counselling therapy, where it is a time just for you, to be listened too so you can explore all areas of your life to alleviate current issues and difficulties.

In today’s age of technology, through messenger services, people have developed the skill of communicating and sharing effectively their emotions and thoughts with friends and family. While this is no substitute for face to face interaction people still gain great benefit from having contact with other people online.

And whilst it may seem counter-intuitive to use digital communication technology when this is likely to be the source of a lot of modern problems, the reality is people are living faster and busier lives. This means we need to use the technology they are using to enable them to access the help they need, and potentially become less hectic and dependant on technology if this improves theirs mental health.



Complete end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption

Whilst ZOOM is US based, it offers complete end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption, meeting US's PIPEDA/PHIPA compliance and therefore leaving me satisfied that it meets ICO and GDPR compliancy and therefore meets with HCPC and BPS ethical guidelines.

Please visit for further information.

It may not always be possible to attend sessions in person and so this offers an opportunity to a wider range of people. 

Life is becoming more and more hectic as we attempt to multi-task numerous jobs, training, family and friends.


Finding time to drive too and attend a therapy session in order to attend to your own needs and issues can be more stressful than beneficial.


Some people are physically restricted to moving out of the home because of illness or disability and so this makes therapy accessible to them.

Mental illness can cause difficulties in leaving the house.

People live remotely or not near any suitable services. This service is available anywhere in the world that has access to the internet. 

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I acknowledge that there are limitations to what this service can provide, particularly in regards to issues involving difficulties in relating to others or when the avoidance of face to face contact with myself may only reinforce the issue. However I will initially assess your needs and we will agree whether we deem online therapy as suitable for you. It may be the first step needed towards other social interaction.

Spending a year working as a telephone counsellor in an employee assistance programme service I came to realise that online therapy can create a similar, and at times more, intimate connection that enables therapeutic change. 

Before deciding if online therapy is for you ensure first that you can provide the right environment for it.
Reasons why online therapy may not be suitable

Your issues are known to be connected with relational, attachment or complex difficulties and avoidance of social interaction may maintain the problem.

You know you problems are because you should really be carving out more time for you.


It could cause problems explaining what you are doing and why you need it.  

You have an unreliable internet service.

Your household is too hectic to find some private space and time. 

  • It is important that you can provide yourself a regular time where you will not be distracted by the likes of partners, children, TV’s, telephones etc.

  • Taking a laptop into a bedroom or quiet room will reduce these distractions and ask those around you not to disturb you until you come back out.

  • You could also utilise a time when those in the home are out on regular activities, especially children who it can be hard to explain to why you need therapy.


Once connected

  • Turn off any other messenger services or show yourself as offline so as not to be interrupted by friends or family trying to chat to you.

  • It will be unavoidable that you may receive other emails while online but attempt to ignore these during therapy.

  • Leave mobile phones in another room or put on silent. If necessary unplug your home phone so as not to receive calls and ignore any knocks at the front door during this time.

  • Therapy is only beneficial if you can mentally and physically shut out the demands of the outside world in order to focus entirely on your own world.


If it seems online therapy could be for you......What Now?

You may have many questions and concerns about counselling that may put you off starting.

How does it work? Is counselling the right thing for me? Will I be tied into a fixed contract I can’t get out of? 

Please don’t panic! We take things one step at a time, at your pace, and there is never any obligation to commit at any time. You have autonomy to leave as much as you do to start this process. Follow the guidelines on the Home page and hopefully together we can help find solutions to your problems. 

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