Adult 1:1 Counselling therapy

Is Counselling for me?

If you are experiencing problems at the moment and can't seem to find a solution it can help to talk through what is happening. This helps empower you to seek your own solutions to making change.

There are no rules as to what you need to be experiencing to justify counselling and there are no age limits to seeking counselling. If you feel you want to talk to somebody that is neutral and away from your usual support network then counselling can be for you. If you are feeling like you are struggling, or any symptoms you experience are becoming more and more problematic to your everyday living then it is ok to ask for help.


Some of the problems you may be experiencing are as a result of a life event such as;

Loss or bereavement


Family break-up

An accident

End of a long project such as a wedding, studying, competing etc.

Children leaving home

Yourself leaving home

Work stress

Financial stress



Or you may just be experiencing some form of mental health problem where the cause is not always known, such as;



Panic Attacks




Sexual problems

Isolation and loneliness




Relational problems

Mortality and ageing


There may be other issues you wish to discuss such as gender identity, your role and purpose in life, a lost direction in life etc.   


You may have some idea of where these problems have come from but if not that’s ok. Counselling can help you to understand what may have caused them in order to move forward differently. They may have been as a result of one event very early on in your life in which you have developed a maladaptive coping strategy since then that is no longer working. Or it may have stemmed from an accumulation of life events that have become overwhelming.


It may not have been an event but a way in which you were brought up to understand your emotions and the world which are no longer working for you.


What Now?

You may have many questions and concerns about counselling that may put you off starting.

How does it work? Is counselling is the right thing for me? Will I be tied into a fixed contract I can’t get out of? 

Please don’t panic! We take things one step at a time, at your pace, and there is never any obligation to commit at any time. You have autonomy to leave as much as you do to start this process. Follow the guidelines on the Home page and hopefully together we can help find solutions to your problems. 

A Brave New World

As an adult we think we should have it all sorted, we should know how to deal with our problems. But what we have done is find ways to cope with problems; firstly, solutions that may work short-term but in the long term may not be effective, and secondly, our coping mechanisms may no longer be effective to cope with the ever changing world around us.  These changes are happening rapidly and are creating a much faster paced world which presents new challenges and opportunities to adults as we learn to adapt. We are faced with new issues that we weren’t brought up to deal with such as family breakdowns, redundancy, national financial instability etc. However, this also offers us new opportunities such as having a choice in new careers and jobs, travelling the world, having a more accepting society around sexuality, gender and race. But with increased choice can come increased anxiety, increased openness, and means of communication can create increased vulnerability.

So, as adults, it is ok to ask for help in order to adjust to these changes. It is also now much more acceptable to say that we are not coping and to seek help. In fact, it is encouraged more and more, regardless of stigma. We no longer have to have a ‘Stiff upper lip’, even though we are masters at it.

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